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We are offering you much more than just framing, helping your ideas embody into a reality just limited by your own imagination.


What makes us UNIQUE

We are a group of artists, creative framers, painters, master craftsmen and woodworkers. We are constantly evolving, studying, and updating while at the same time perfecting what we know works. As you can see, we all bring something different to the table. Combining traditional old school techniques with the newest cutting edge methods and latest technology, the end result is a shared vision which is reached through unique yet complementing artistic backgrounds. With all the romance of a family owned business, our work environment includes the same love and passion yet we are composed of non-family members brought together for being considered experts, particularly creative, and passionate in their field.

What we DO

All of our work is done on the premises, using top quality materials certified to conserve and protect without fail. We work with all types of materials, integrate and utilize diverse styles, facilitate the flow of ideas, and create finished products that range from frames to mirrors, from mounting to stretching, from shadow boxes to Plexiglas, from restoration to installation, from design consultation to packing/crating, and everything in between.

How we do what we DO

Our first priority is your art, your vision, your design, your style, and the feeling of satisfaction that you have when our work is done. Whether you approach us with a solid idea, an image in your head, or a concept of what you are looking for, we are positive that we will be able to provide you with the best ideas and solutions to show your works in the best ways. We tailor to meet the needs of Artist, Interior Designers, Decorators, Museums, Expositions, Art Shows, and Art Galleries and provide exceptional work to Private Collectors and Corporations. Each component and factor in our process is intentional and significant to guarantee quality and style for our customers.


We take your vision, we make it our vision, and we use a wide variety of styles, techniques, processes, and people with diverse backgrounds to perfect this shared vision.


Shadow Boxes are the most practical and attractive way to preserve and display your valuables of differing shapes and sizes together. We can frame anything from family heirlooms, to a photo next to a first place medal, to childhood memories in this safe and charming fashion. 

Shadow boxes are custom made depending on the different sizes and shapes of the artifacts to be placed inside. The objects appear to be “floating” within the glass frame, and when working with items of different shapes, it is important to find creative ways to combine everything in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

We offer the finest handmade custom mirrors integrating classic techniques with modern technology, ranging in all shapes, sizes and colors imaginable. Combining style and functionality, mirrors are a creative way to accent any room or living space. 

Consider a custom made decorative mirror incorporating antique designs, beveled mirrors, and clean cut, bronze, grey, and black mirrors. Each custom mirror is made to fit your specifications using an extensive selection of decorative materials.

Canvas stretching is done to preserve works of art and prepare them for framing. There are various ways to stretch canvas as well as different styles. We offer Standard Wrap as well as Gallery Wrap. In both methods the canvas is stretched over and flows onto the sides.

Not only is the technique important and different depending on each individual work of art, but you must take into account the finished look that is desired as well as the best way to preserve each individual piece. Standard Wrap is stretched and secured by visible staples on the sides of the print, while Gallery Wrap doesn’t have visible staples and has a finished look to it. 

Closed corner frames offer the unique look of virtually seamless corners. Having a frame that is one flowing continuous piece of work makes for an outstanding level of durability and a superior finishing quality, not to mention exclusive artistic style. 

This method is the original and traditional method of frame making used for centuries before pre-finished lengths began to be mass produced. Therefore, although all of our frames are hand crafted without using pre-finished lengths, this particular style provides a more traditional and classic effect. 

We have hundreds of variations of frames to complement any and every occasion. Made of mostly wood or metal, our handmade custom frames incorporate styles from different countries and art periods, ranging from antique to modern and everything in between.

We use a wide variety of materials used to decorate the metal or wood base which allow for infinite combinations and styles. Whether you want the frame to complement or provide contrast to your art, to be subtle and delicate or bold and prominent, or to be a work of art in and of itself, we have exactly what you are looking for.


We offer a wide range of service packages for any project. Contact us, and our representatives will help you pick a right one!

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